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Cruisers become "family" for a day

As cruisers arrived at the Charleston Maritime Center – Dockmaster Bob generously volunteered to OPEN the KITCHEN doors and the adjacent conference room to cruisers for a Thanksgiving feast.   Living on a boat, I have learned to cook with a single propane cooktop burner – which basically means I skip the cooking notion altogether and just make salads.   Now, a REAL kitchen means microwave open, a real oven that you can fit more than a fistful of food, larger than human sized refridgeration and a sink with running hot water.   Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough!

What began as a carefully choreographed meal plan for 8 – quickly morphed into a free-for-all mealplan to feed 28.   Nobody knew what food choices were being selected for the pot-luck dinner – but with a full sized kitchen, and a bunch of hungry cruisers, it was destined to be a feast.   The traditional turkey and ham, was supplimented by even more turkey…a pork tenderloin…Bob’s special Fish Stew – and an assortment of side dishes with enough food to feed a  crew of 50!

There were no shortages of dessert – from apple pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, chocolate cake, cranberry pie and key lime pie to name a few.   Bellies were full, waistlines expanding and the atmosphere was filled with delightful chatter, talk of next port destinations and of course, boat repairs!   Thanksgiving in Charleston – cruiser style!

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