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Cat Maudy comes to life with new sails!

Jane and I departed the dock at 1300 hrs. we had a very good 10-15kts from 045. close hauled we were making 7 and 8 until we reached the bay and the wind increased. We were nearly at the eastern shore and the weather was looking a little nazty so we turned back. This course change put on a starboard close reach to beam reach and we were making 9.5 to 10 constant. We were back at the dock before 1700. The GPS showed a top speed of 11.1 Many thanks to UK sails. I think we will be able to get after some regular 13s with these new rags.

Did I mention that we have a problem with our starboard saildrive? we’re waiting in the haul out queue so we can get this fixed.

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