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Train wreck!

Now, I realize that it’s been awhile since we’ve skated “FAST” – but could we really be skating THIS slow?

As Jill and I descended toward the lite rail train tracks…the train lights began flashing, and the barricades descended – stopping all traffic. No problem. We waited for the train to pass. No sooner had the train passed, and the barricades lifted….we though we were making forward propulsion.

Nope. The lights began flashing again, and the barricade walls were tumblin down. Rut row. Now we are on the WRONG side of the barricades — you know the side where the trains move thru. But we are stuck…and cannot get back to the other side. Jill and I cling to each other and the train barricade- hoping the next train will miss us. We really must work on our skate speed.

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