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60 MPH sailors

Last December while in Sea School working on my USCG Captain’s license…I met “Captain” Jane. What are the odds in a predominantly male merchant marines – that I would meet another femme with the ‘jane name’. We instantly became friends, and shared sailing stories during class breaks. At least I thought we were sharing sailing stories.

With the weather perking up to the upper 80’s…Captain Jane called and suggested a rendezvous. They would boat up to us at our marina…raft up for a few…then we’ll all take off to the inner harbor to find a restaurant along the waterfront.

As 5PM arrived, I scanned the waterways for Captain Jane’s (and husband Chris) sailboat. Nothing. The winds were light, so maybe they were delayed. We waited…and waited. I noticed a cigarette boat off in the distance, but no sailboat.

The distinct noise from the cigarette boat got louder and louder – as it neared Cat Maudy. In huge letters along the side read ““. Can you imagine a fish hungry enough to chase after bait from a cigarette boat? It was an amusing thought…until Captain Jane smiled and waived at us from inside the cigarette boat. Oh my. This is no sailboat. I was obviously day dreaming sailing stories from my Sea School class.

After greetings and staring at each other’s boats…we hopped in the cigarette boat for a harbor cruise. In the harbor, the speed limit is 6knots. Just past Fort McHenry, you can go at top speed. For Cat Maudy, top speed might still be 6 knots…it just depends on the winds. Cat Maudy does not worry about speed limits.

As we rounded Ft. McHenry, Captain Chris, turned and said “ok…hats off and hang on”. I had no idea what to expect…and within 3 microseconds we hit 60mph. Pat and I each did a full body slam into the back seat, and my hand formed a death grip on the boat handle. I tried to appear casual and unconcerned, but I felt a G-force pushing my cheeks back to my ears. OMG.

I’m used to sailing…and much slower speeds. Fortunately, my comfort speed range returned – as we reached that 6mph sign near Ft. McHenry. Time to retrieve my eyeballs from the fish locker in the back of the boat.

Dinner time – my favorite sport (food)!. We tied up “” at the docks near McCormacks. Passerbys were staring. It must be the cigarette boat with the name ““. I admit (now that I can hear my thoughts above the motor noise of a cigarette boat) — it was exciting to fly over the water at at 60mph speeds — in a scary sort of way.

We waited for a table. More stares from passerbys. I guess we just have that boat look. Ordered some food, and had a delightful eve with our high-speed friends. A quick stop at the restroom before boat departure…and YIKES….who is that in the mirror?

Who invited Don King into the ladies room? Was that ME??

I did a double take. Yup. That’s right…staring back at me in the mirror…was cigarette boat Don King doing a blonde impersonation. The other ladies in that restroom quickly scurried away. I hurried to join them.

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