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07.02.1943 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson:

Well, here it is July again and I’m still at the Fort. I do have a new address as you will note on the envelope. No use writing.

I’m doing about the same kind of work as usual. However, so far it has been rather light because this organization has just been activated. I imagine it will be busy once things get under way.

I imagine that you had temperatures in the 90s last week. We did, but it’s just right now.

We go over to Canada quite a bit lately and the river is high (we go by ferry). In fact it is said that the river is the highest now that it has been in over 70 years. It’s good ride over for 2 bits though.

Last Sunday we went over to take the big boat over to Toronto, but no soap. It was too crowded and they wouldn’t even sell us tickets. We may try again this Sunday weather permitting.

We have an MP Battalion up here with a few light tanks and trucks which sort of makes this place look as though there was a war on.

There are ten of us in this detachment and we are now quartered in a new building – new to us – There are 4 of us in our room. We just got through waxing and polishing the floor this noon. I think we should get draperies for the windows, a washing machine, refrigerator, and electric stove now to make it complete.

There isn’t much of anything else new so I will close.

Fort Niagara, NY

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