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09.05.1943 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson:

At least I’ve been working since I came back, but all of the guys I made friends with during the past year are moving out.

Smitty and I spent another week-end over in Toronto together last week, but he leaves today for Sought Carolina. So you see how the army breaks you up.

When I got back to the Post after the furlough, our $25 blitz-buggy was reported missing. You know it that flat I was telling you about and had to be left where the flat happened. Well, the other night was the first chance we had to look for it, and we found it. We inquired at the farm where it had been parked, and they said they had parked it out by their barn because they were afraid the troopers might haul it away. They said they figured it belonged to a couple of soldiers and that they’d be looking for it sometime. So we were told that we could pick it up anytime we got around to it. Now I’ll send down and get that time I need for it.

We had a wow of a pillow fight here one night. The battle lasted for about two hours. Boy it was a three ring circus while it lasted (I had nothing to do with it — much) I got walloped with everything from a towel to a mattress – everything except the bed springs. Results: none killed, none injured, and none missing in action.

With that I guess I’ll close.

Fort Niagara, NY

P.S. I told Willard and Grace I might be in this week end (Sept 12), so may see you then.

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