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12.07.1943 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson:

Yes here I am, still alive, and apparently well except for one of those grippy colds which I have just about licked.

I was chewing my spinach very nicely in the mess hall last night when my teeth engaged a nice small stone – result a nick out of one of my back teeth. I have an appointment with the dentist to take care of it tomorrow morning.

A couple of us went to Buffalo one night and saw the stage play “Arsenic and Old Lace”. It starred Boris Tarloff and there were only 25 murders in it, but it was funnier than blazes. Sometimes there weren’t any lights in the theatre nor on the stage, but you would hear noises, and the rest was left to your imagination. Boy it was funny.

Our food up here hasn’t been so hot for the last month. But this past week it is showing quite a bit of improvement.

I went to the home of one of the fellows who lives near here for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was swell too. There was plenty of turkey and all the trimmings. Rode down with a former pilot of the RAF and had quite an interesting talk. He had been shot down in the North Sea and was later rescued.

Don’t know whether or not I will be off for Christmas or not.

Guess that’s all.

Fort Niagara, NY

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