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03.20.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace:

I am enclosing a letter to give to Mom. Thought I just as well might enclose it with yours.

Things are not going so bad right now; all the fellows here are about like those at Ft. Niagara except that they seem much easier to become acquainted with. Probably because we’re all in the same boat. Anyway, my inquiries have brought out the fact that most of the fellows are paper workers. Spirits are high, and everybody gets a kick out of conjecturing where we will end up. However, the guy who came down with me is kind of low. He was at the Fort for three years, wife in Buffalo, and he seems to be worried. He doesn’t say much, and sort of waits for me to take the initiative even in going to the latrine.

The eats are good and entertainment facilities are on a much larger scale than at the Ft. since this camp is a big place. We’re 26 miles from Youngstown Ohio and about 14 miles from Sharon, Pa.

I’m in a casual company at present and as soon as I get assigned to a unit, and if I am still here long enough, it will be possible to get another pass, and I certainly will attempt to.

By the way, I left two or three pairs of glasses in my suitcase. Will you put them in a little package and be prepared to send them to me if I write for them or get a chance to pick them up. Otherwise, if you send them now, it’s hard telling when I would get them. Same goes for writing.

Guess that’s all now.

Fort Niagara, NY

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