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04.20.1944 Letter

Dear Willard, Grace and all:

This will let you know that I have arrived here safe and well. The trip was interesting, but uneventful.

I have seen a little of the English country-side and it was quite picturesque. It’s neatness would knock your eye out. I know you would be interested in these dinky railroads. The reminded me of those little “baby” trains around the mines thought they are quite a bit larger that those. It was better than any troop train I have ridden on in the U.S.

Say, better not type V-Mail letters because when they are reduced that type might not be legible. I received your letter before it had been reduced, so it was OK.

Our food is good thus far and I believe it will remain that way. More details will follow when I can get a little better situated.



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