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04.28.1944 Letter

Dear Wilson, Helen and all:

This letter has my latest address. I’m feeling fine and being fed better than I ever expected I would be fed over here. The eats are really good.

Spring is coming here and trees are beginning to show the beginning of new leaves. It isn’t cold but it does drizzle occasionally. It is odd to see traffic moving on the left side of a street and I still look first to the left when I cross. Fortunately, traffic isn’t heavy. When I spend money its penny, sixpence, shilling, and pounds. It’s simple when you have to use it.

Up to this writing, I have not received any mail over here. If there’s any coming, it should catch up to me in a week or so. I’m going to make a check on it tonight.

I have noticed a lot of people wearing wooden soled shoes. They sound like horses. I know even with rationing they’re not that bad at home.

Keeping my uniform clean, and keeping my supply of soap up, although I have enough for quite a while on hand, seems to be my main problem at present, also razor blades.

Guess I’ll close for now,

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