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07.23.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Thought I’d take a break and drop you a line as I believe I’m probably a little behind in writing to you. I’ve been pretty busy and just haven’t taken much time to write any detailed letters lately. Anyway, I may have thanked Helen and Wilson for the goodies in the package and not have thanked you. So I do now. It was really a very good package.

I’m still billeted in a home but not the same as I was a couple of weeks ago. That is, the place isn’t quite as nice. But the people are really very nice to us. The other day, I washed out my field jacket and just asked the lady of the house if she wouldn’t hang it out on the line the next day to dry out. She not only did that, but she ironed it as well. The thing actually looks like new and I almost hate to get it dirty again. She did the same with some underwear I washed.

Hear that the weather has been quite warm around your neighborhood — 90 or so. Seal a little of it up in a letter and send it over to me. Incidentally, I think I left my suitcase at Wilson’s and in it are a few pictures, i.e. in the album (loose). If they are still around, pick out a few scenes and put a couple in a letter and send them to me. These people are always interested in seeing pictures of things back there. I didn’t bring any with me at all.

Tomorrow is Sunday and of course I’m on duty again. Don’t get much time off at all. Maybe can bang out a couple more letters then.



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