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11.03.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace:

I now have your V-Mails of 5 and 21 Oct and needless to say I was glad to receive both. One I received yesterday, and the other today.

There seems to be some delay in the mail somewhere along the line or else most of my customers are not writing. I think it! held up somewhere.

Now, about the packages. I can now say that I have received both of them as one came in this week. That was the one with four rolls of film in it. I also received one from Mildred at the same time.

I am happy to hear that you have another on the way with more film. That will put me in good shape.

You know, the last roll of film I had developed didn’t turn out at all and it’s the first time that this has happened on any that have come out of that camera. They were all fogged up or didn’t come out at all. I’m inclined to believe that the fault lies in the developing, as some which I took while I was in Manchester turned out fine. It it happens on my next roll, I’m seriously thinking of sending for my developing outfit and develop my own negatives. It looked to me as though the films were developed in a room with some light in it. I don’t believe the fault lies with the camera. If it does, I’ll send for one of those, as I know where there is one at Mildred’s not being used.

I’m trying to learn a little French and have been able to speak a few words. That dictionary will come in handy. I look forward to learning as much about it as I can. There’s probably no better place than France to learn French. Don’t you agree? A fellow here in the office knows it real well and helps me out whenever he can.

I think I’ll drop Jack a line later on and forward it to you and you in turn can then forward it to him, as in the shuffle, I’ve lost his address.

What are Helen and Wilson doing? Not any letters at all from them anymore.

Guess I’ll close now.



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