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06.25.1945 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson;

It’s just before supper time so I though it would be a good time to drop you a few lines. What brought it up was just a few civilian thoughts. First one is ice cream. Why ice cream. Well we’re supposed to have it tonight and I was just thinking how well it would taste slobbered all over apple pie. Well, I can drool while I think of it anyway.

Now here’s another indication of just how far we’ve gotten away from civilian life. The other night as we got in bed somehow or other we got to talking about Sears and Roebuck. We talked for a good half-hour on the merits of All-State tires– of Silvertown Radios. One of the fellows worked with General Motors, so we discussed Fisher Bodies, Buicks and Chevvies.


Bad Homburg, Germany

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