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08.07.1945 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson;

Thought I’d drop you a line from this little resort town located here on the northern coast of France, right on the channel. We’re all set to go on furlough to England and are scheduled to cross tomorrow sometime. We have to get up at 4AM.

Down at the beach yesterday afternoon and the day before it was nice and warm and we were able to get a nice burn, but last night and today the wind has come up and the breakers are really rolling in. But the weather is clear.

We go back to Le Havre tomorrow as we have now had our money changed, got new clothes, had baths and are otherwise all set to get on our trains when we arrive and proceed directly to our destination. I want to spend some time in Wales and maybe a little in Scotland.

There’s very little to do around here once you have been to the beach, which is still mined and covered with tank obstacles set by the Germans who expected a possible invasion through here, but which never came.

The Red Cross Club here is a nice little spot set on the side of a steep hill here. We can get coffee and doughnuts here or coca cola. Bu there’s little else other than reading or writing.

Well, I guess I’ll close for now. Will write more about the trip later.


Etretat, France

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