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Rigging deteriorates offshore near Cape Hatteras

Following the advice of Commander’s Weather, Cat Maudy and crew waited until Sunday morning for the offshore seas to settle. Unfortunately the projected weather of 15-20 knot northerly winds….turned out to be a wimpy 2 knot wind. Cat Maudy only holds 90 gallons of fuel. Not enough to motor to the next inlet at Beaufort NC. They need wind. Much more than 2 knots.

Captains Pat & Tim decided to change course and sail further offshore, into the gulf stream, in an attempt to catch better winds. Be careful what you wish for. 50 miles off shore – the crew got wind, and seas. More than they bargained for. More than Cat Maudy was ready for. It was too much stress on the rig connector to the jib. Something about the connector do-dad is wearing out…and the wearing out part just got worse. Yes, I can be technical. Cat Maudy needed repairs, and the crew worked tirelessly to bring her into the Beaufort Inlet without the rig crumbling….by Tuesday morning. The original plan was to be in Charleston SC by Tuesday — but with Cat Maudy’s fragile state….the furthest she could travel offshore – is Beaufort NC.

Captain Pat Log Entry
Norfolk to Charleston, SC 11/11
Early start delayed to 0800
Motoring out the Norfolk harbor and see what appeared to be a crab pot but was really a porpoise.
Sailing south to Cape Hatteras passing Virginia beach and on and on till the wind died
Motoring late in the afternoon as the wind prematurely turned southish
Motored all night south.
Daylight and near cape Hatteras 11/12
Concerned about the timing but decided to do some tacks.
Wind re-appeared on the starboard
Big massive tack nearly out to the Gulf Stream.
Conditions worsen port tack is problematic and the jib stay is taking it hard Detour to Beaufort NC (motoring)
Decide to motor to Beaufort, NC at about 2000
Switch off the driving watching duties as we motor with a 20 gusting 27 head wind and building seas.
Arrive Beaufort, NC 1030 11/13
Meet Mr. McCullsky. Old dude with a 72ft custom built sport fisher.

The crew wrestles Cat Maudy into safe harbor, and they rest at Moorhead City, NC. It’s time to evaluate sailing offshore versus motoring down the IntraCoastal Waterway. The weather forecast is for winds from the WSW at gale force for Wednesday..turning to NW on Thursday also at gale force. With fiesty weather, and a frail rig, it is time for Plan B.. travel via the intracostal. Captain Tim needs to return to his job- and we fly him back to Maryland. This leaves Captain Pat, and unknown crew Derrick who will travel with Pat for the remaining leg of the trip. Who is this man with unlimited time on his hands?

Apparently Earl is ill. He is not eating or drinking. He did not appreciate days of cold weather and bumpy sailing offshore. I’m hoping he’ll feel better tomorrow. He needs TLC.

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