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Day 13 of the Holiday Challenge: 13.1 mile mental test

My running volume has considerably diminished from marathon levels – less than 2 months ago.  Since the NYC Marathon on November 2, my longest run was one half marathon (13.1 miles) on November 23.     Since then….even less.   And while I’ve enjoyed changing up my routine – especially with my thought rut challenge – I signed up to run a virtual half marathon.   The Polar Bear Run —  a 13.1 mile charity fundraiser run that I could do anytime and anyplace  between Christmas and New Years.

The funny thing about running, is the less distance you run – the more your mind is convinced that anything longer is a really big deal.   In the last month – my long runs have peaked at 9 miles.  Despite the fact that I was running a 1/2 marathon+more each week for 5 months,  I’m not entirely convinced now that I can run 13.1 miles.  Continue reading Day 13 of the Holiday Challenge: 13.1 mile mental test

Day 8 of the Holiday Challenge: Balance

balanceIt’s day #8 of challenging my thought ruts – and I wasn’t quite sure what would appear.  With a day of slow steady rains – the notion of visiting the indoor public pool suddenly sounded appealing.  Somewhere in the midst of 5 months of marathon training – I lost all sense of exercise balance.  The kind of balance that changes up your routine.  The kind of balance that has you wearing out one part of your body – while the rest goes on vacation.  The kind of balance where you wonder if you have forgotten how to return – to homeostasis.  The kind of balance where the preferred exercise of choice is running above all else.

Today I opted to rediscover balance.  Just a little.  To see how it felt.  To try it on, wear it around and see if I liked the fit.  To see if balance is all that necessary.  And, to see if I even remembered how to swim. Continue reading Day 8 of the Holiday Challenge: Balance

Day 5 of the Holiday Challenge: Breaking the route rut

Today’s adventure was breaking through a running route rut.  A rut of running the same 1-of-5 courses, the same route, the same general area, or the same roads or anything that has the bottom-line sensation of ‘same-o’.

2014_12annapolis01It’s the weekend – so my running adventure is joined by my partner in crime – Jill.   Apparently Jill forgot it is “winter” and we had to rendezvous for the Annapolis run (a  different city from our regular runs) by 6:30AM – meaning the alarm goes off at 4AM – and breakfast is inhaled by 5:30AM.  Sigh.  Sleeping fully will occur another day.

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Day 3 of the Holiday Challenge: 300 squats

Despite my best efforts, my workday overflowed into my “me time” – forcing my workout to go indoors and pushed late into the afternoon.  Generally that combination would lead to procrastination of my workout for another day.  But I gave myself this challenge to break my thought-ruts for the remainder of 2014 – and knew you would be holding me accountable.

So the next best thing to an outdoor workout — is 1 hour of indoor training on my Elliptigo, which is setup on my trainer.  In the winter, I keep my Elliptigo indoors for workouts during especially cold and snowy days.  In the summer — she gets to ride free and loves to tackle all the hills that bicyclists with fancy pants train.  I can always count on my Elliptigo to get my heart rate humming, while the rest of me turns into a puddle.  Normally – that would be the end of my aerobic workout – but not today.

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Day 2 of the Thought Rut Challenge: Jump roping for an hour

janejumpropeToday, I decided to start my daily thought rut challenge with an “I wonder…”.    What do I typically talk myself out of — that just maybe I could do?   I wonder if I could jump rope for an hour alongside my hubby while he gets in his hour long neighborhood walk.  Let’s find out.

All sorts of voices in my head are telling me this could be a very bad idea.  They sound like:

  • “you never jump rope – it’s too hard”
  • “you’ll get injured”
  • “remember the last time you jump roped – it wasn’t pretty”
  • “it’s too windy”
  • “it’s too hilly”
  • “you’re not 20 years old”

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Day 1 of the Thought Rut Challenge: What I discovered while running in the cold and rain

It all happened by accident.

With the shortened daylight hours of winter – I happily sleep in (6am), and procrastinate my exercise routine until half-way into my work day.  Yes, these are the benefits of working from home.   I save time (and $) by not commuting, put in extra hours for my clients – and then take a break for myself mid-day to exercise.   Sweet!

I knew that the temperatures were moderately cool (low 40’s), and I casually glanced at the online weather forecast.  100% rain by 1PM.  That sounded pretty certain – for a weather forecast.   By 11AM, I’m ready to go for a run, and hubby Pat is geared up for his daily walk.  We step out onto my favorite gym (the outdoor gym) – and off we go in our separate paces.

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Running the Alps of Crozet

Oh sure.  You can Google the Alps of Crozet.  And likely you find them located in France.  Exactly where the Crozet Alps belong.

But, if you are not needing to cross the Atlantic, live in the burb vicinity of Washington DC, and have a “thing” for running uphill in an all femme half marathon – the Alps of Crozet – located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet VA is for you.

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The New York City Marathon – an epic ride

If you only have time for the headlines – here it is:   I started.  I finished.  And I’m going to take some time off to recover.  Just a little.  OK?

Now, if your curiosity is piqued about what this adventure was really like, the nitty-gritty, the behind-the-scenes-adventures – then keep reading.

fortwadsworth_startI could tell you that the story of NYC marathon Sunday was the 20+ mph headwinds for 20.5 miles, the wind gusts to nearly 50mph, the crosswinds that snatched your feet out from under you, or enduring bone chilling 20 something degree wind chills for 4 hours waiting for the run to begin.  I could tell you that 5 layers of clothing and 2 heat sheets were not enough to keep you warm at Fort Wadsworth.   I could tell you that the weather conditions were so severe, that the race organizers had to modify the start for the wheelchair division athletes — so that they avoided the 2 mile Verrazano Bridge. I could tell you how I watched the winds rip loosely fitted clothing right off runners crossing the Verrazano Bridge, and at one point I even felt the need to hang on to my step-daughter Emma who was running next to me. I could tell you how the headwinds in the South Bronx were so strong, that I actually stopped moving forward.  For a few moments, I ran “in place”.  No forward momentum. Continue reading The New York City Marathon – an epic ride

Taper 12: Seeking effortless

 The final long run before the NYC Marathon has arrived.  A shorty (12 miles) by prior long run standards – but possibly one of the most important practice runs of all.   The run that imprints a positive state of mind.

The day began earlier than I would have preferred.   I had over-committed my day, and my running start time would be sacrificed.   My alarm goes off at 4:45, and I’m eating breakfast by 5:00AM.  I’m not the least bit hungry, but force down 1/2 wheat bagel, peanut butter and a banana.  It sits in me like a boulder.  Digestion is taking it’s sweet time, and by 7:30AM my gut is not feeling especially “well”. Continue reading Taper 12: Seeking effortless