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East Coast Greenway cyclists ride to Daytona Beach, Florida

We departed St. Augustine on a leisurely pace, taking in the rich history of this city dubbed the oldest city in America. Taking extra care on the cobblestones, we weaved into a park square with cannons dating back to the 1500’s, and Christmas trees installed that morning, creating one more photo opportunity.

We then picked up route A1A and headed south. The roads mostly included bicycle lanes, and when those vanished East Coast Greenway trails appeared. Any time we could ride away from the cars was a delight, and the light breezes from the north gave us a perfect tailwind.

Florida bicycling along A1A is long and flat. Mega homes requiring mega dollars to build and maintain block much of the ocean views, which gave us time to ponder ‘wouldn’t it be nice if developers were prevented from blocking the ocean views’ and suddenly we arrived at Flagler Beach.

Now I know not-one-thing about the politics at Flagler, but riding a bicycle, watching the pavement, the cars, fellow bicyclists AND watching the surf break on shore is far preferable to staring at mega mansions and hotels. In case our input is helpful.

We stopped at the Java Joint for lunch — long enough to refuel and take a break from the saddle. We then returned to our bikes, found some lightly traveled roads, and stopped often to take pictures of birds, plants, salt marshes and each other.

The final 12 miles were along roadways with more traffic, and bridges that crossed the Intracoastal Waterway. With a few turns heading east, we arrived at Daytona Beach, with 64 miles d.u.n., and it’s hard to imagine that there is only one more day of riding tomorrow – to reach Titusville.

A special shout out to fellow ECG mate Chris – sending luv, and healing thoughts.

Be sure to read / follow fellow ECG cyclist and blogger, Sylvia.

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