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27845836173_100102d4b2_zPiseco Lake…in the south west corner of the Adirondacks is a place where time stands still, where technology doesn’t matter, where face time means in-person, where base-camp overlooks one end of Piseco Lake, and dozens of mountains, and you never get tired of staring at the view….


  • Where there are no door locks on your cabin / efficiency, and you eventually learn that you don’t need to lock your room, car, your bicycle, your boat, your toys – nobody will bother them.
  • Where there is a mouse running around in your cabin, and you decide it’s part of the decor.
  • Where the temperatures reach the upper 70’s during the day, and low 50’s at night…and you realize your body functions much better away from 100 degree Baltimore heat and humidity
  • Where the deer are twice the size of city-deer, and nothing resembles Bambi
  • 28109637510_eda182fc0f_zWhere you can go fishing with the locals — a teenage state champion bass fisherman — using his boat, and his equipment and not catch a thing, and it doesn’t matter
  • Where pay phones and phone books trumps an unusable cell phone
  • Where you put away your cell phone after giving up on trying to find a connection
  • Where emails no longer matter
  • Where world news no longer matters
  • Where the airport hosts the finish of the annual triathlon
  • 27737826953_15631ffc25_z28070962210_caf705a9cc_zWhere the triathlon finishers are handed ice cream
  • Where daylight begins around 4:30AM, and you can’t help wondering every morning if you have overslept for your 6AM run
  • Where the only sounds during your 6AM 6-mile run are your lungs and the babbling brooks
  • Where you get to consume old fashioned home made donuts dipped in cinnamon and sugar for breakfast with no guilt
  • Where you listen to the owner of the donut shop explain local politics, and you pretend to engage for 30 minutes, hoping he will stop talking so that you can eat the donut, but you play nice because you want to return for more donuts the next day.
  • Where you ride your bicycle 12 miles hoping to avoid the bears to retrieve those freshly made donuts
  • 28462196145_7b9088b0f3_zWhere you stop and pick the wild blueberries for a mid-morning snack
  • Where a second bicycle ride to the nearest town (Speculator, NY) 12 miles away becomes part of the lunch ritual
  • Where a visit into the Speculator Department Store becomes part of the post-lunch ritual.   It doesn’t matter that you don’t need anything, but you shop anyway because it’s the only store in Speculator.
  • Where you return to base camp, long enough to ask “What do you want to do next?” and someone suggests it’s time for a boat ride, and you are back out the door, followed by the slam of the screen door
  • Where you don’t even think about your cell phone.  You may have even lost it by now.  Or, it could be under the bed.
  • Where you trek 1/4 mile to reach the lake, before you remember you forgot your life jacket, and nobody minds, and everyone trudges back to base camp for no reason other than solidarity
  • Where the direction of the wind is only discovered after you have paddled a rowboat 1 mile to the nearest island, and then realize the headwind for the return trip is more like a gale
  • Where you wish you had a working cell phone, and could call 911, or anyone with a motor boat to tow you back to shore
  • Where you have no choice but to discover there are muscles in your arms that must come to life, and paddle for an hour to some random shore far far far from base camp…where you can walk the paddle boat along the shoreline for another hour to return to base camp
  • Where your arms are now useless, but someone in your group wants to exercise again — hike up a mountain, bicycle along the lake — and you say “sure why not?” because 6 hours of exercise is only just the beginning
  • Where 4 adults pile into a rowboat, nearly sinking it, but not caring, and go for a 2 hour boat ride — this time with a motor — and you stare at the mountains, and the lake, and don’t care one i-o-da that you are getting soaked from the spray of the nearly sinking boat
  • Where an Ice Cream Social is scheduled for 6PM, and you make sure your day allows for ample time to get to the Town Hall for a home made brownie and double dip.
  • Where you ride your bicycle to the ice cream social, a benefit for the local firefighters, and you talk with the firefighters, only to discover that it’s been many years since the last fire – and that’s a good thing
  • 27845948093_c1ceaf96a9_zWhere you consume more ice cream, brownies, chocolate syrup, cherries, sprinkles, whip cream, marshmallow cream than you can ever remember, but it’s OK because you rode your bicycle to the Town Hall, and have already exercised 10 hours that day
  • Where you ride your bicycle back to base camp, only to find you’ve been “poo’d” by the resident Eagle, and a giant sticky bird poo dominates all thoughts for the next 30 minutes
  • 28383400961_dd0e205daa_zWhere the Eagle poo gets removed, and you return to sitting on your porch, looking out over the lake, the mountain views, and the air cools to the low 60’s, and you are so tired, that by 8:30PM it’s time to think about sleep.
  • Where the sun sets long after 9PM, and it is too light to sleep, so you check your cell phone, and that was silly, because you still don’t have a connection, so you daydream, and wonder if the days could get any better in the Adirondacks.
  • And you start your next day, without a plan, or much of a plan, and more magic unfolds, and you wonder if you could just stay at Piseco Lake in the Adirondacks forever…


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  1. You found all of the Adirondack magic! Thanks for the respite your post provided as my mind went along with you on all of your Piseco adventures!

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