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Thawing out: Return to dockside – post Hurricane Sandy

At daybreak, we were preparing to motor 1.5 hours — to return back to dockside.  Back to “juice”.  Which translates to heat.  It can’t happen soon enough.   It has been 41 degrees in our cabin since Monday night – Hurricane Sandy’s landfall.

While at anchor – the port side engine ignition switch disintegrated.  Just like that.   For awhile we couldn’t turn on the port engine.   But Captain Paddy figured out a way to hold the broken pieces in place from the inside, while I gently turned the key — to get the engine to turn on.    By 7:30AM we hoisted anchor, along with our other sailboat “friends” who weathered the storm in Wilton Creek.

We navigated out the Piankatank River, and around Fishing Bay – into Deltaville.   Blowing 30 knots…which feels like “nothing”.  Hard to imagine I’m saying that!   Only a handful of boats were in the marina.   It was empty, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if we were authorized to return.   We had no intention of asking permission.  Frozen to the core, we made a beeline for the dock….and quickly plugged in the shore cord.   Let the thawing begin.   Followed by a very long, hot shower.

For us, Hurricane Sandy is over.   We were very fortunate.  For millions more, they have no power, no heat…no shower.   It gets old and cold fast.  Many have lost everything.  It is heartbreaking – and they will have a long road to recovery.   If you can, please consider a donation to and I’m looking into ways to do more.   Please share via comment if you come across ways to help.  These are our brothers and sisters.

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