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Tornado rips thru Baltimore

It was 1:34 AM, inside a deep sleep when Soxy and I bolted to a wide-eyed upright position. The noise was deafening and I shook Paddy to wake him. Paddy sleeps thru any weather condition, and I didn’t want him to miss out.  It sounded like a freight train. The same sound we’ve experienced before – aboard Cat Maudy. The sound of a tornado.

You couldn’t hear much other than the winds, except water now turbulently breaking into Cat Maudy’s hulls. I peeked out our hatch — to see a volatile sea state. The waters in our protected cove at Anchorage Marina were agitated and I’m hoping Cat Maudy’s lines hold tight to dockside. I peer out another hatch to check on our anchored neighbors and not one of the anchored boats is holding ground. Frantic sailors are doing their best to avoid crashing into nearby docks or boats.
Two minutes later, the wind-driven freight-train moved through. We escaped another tornado direct-hit. And our anchored friends are busy looking for a safer harbor. In the news…

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