Slowin’ it down….in Reedville VA

Not a whole lot happens in Reedville VA. Located near the southern end of the mouth of the Potomac River….Reedville is about as remote as it gets.

You will find the Menhaden fish factory nearby. This means that during “processing hours” (i.e. all day long) it smells like dead fish irregardless of which way the wind is blowin’. The locals say you get used to it. Hard to imagine.
Next to the local Cessna airport…is Jaynes Marine. It’s a new “cat” yard (catamaran) on the Chesapeake — and we are here to talk about “cat repairs” to Cat Maudy. Doug spent hours with Paddy talkin’ guy boat stuff….while I spent my time eating chicken soup and trying to bounce back from a nasty cold.
By Thursday, we decided to leave Cat Maudy here for the remainder of the fall…and get her back in ship-shape. Then reality set in. Biz was callin’. And by Friday, we decided to procrastinate the repairs until the spring – once our computer work settled into a more manageable pace.

So, for now, we get to breath “real air” without that fish scent upon departing Reedville, knowing that this feature will wait for us when we return in the spring.

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