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Road Trip to the Adirondacks: Little Sand Point provides more endorphin highs

After Paddy’s successful debut in the world of triathlon relays – it was obvious that perfect weather, and temperatures in the mid-70’s were calling for more “activities”. Our wake up early AM conversation went something like this.

Jane: “Do you want to go for a walk?”
Paddy. “No”.
Jane: “Do you want to hike up Panther Mountain today?”
Paddy: “No”.
Jane: “OK. Maybe you should drink more coffee….I’ll go for a bike sprint around the lake…and we’ll continue this conversation when I return.”
Paddy: “OK”

I know better than to try to get a “yes” from a man who hasn’t had enough coffee. With that, Mr. Huffy (heavy duty Trek bike with the fat wide tires) and I took off for a nice workout around Piseco Lake. I did stop and smell the roses….and take some blog pics. The scenery in the Adirondacks is too incredible to simply blur on a bike sprint.

By the time I had returned to our campsite – Paddy was in an agreeable mood. We took off for a hilly bicycle tour along Old Piseco Road – and burned off another 6-8 miles.

It was another windy day in the Adirondacks, and the little lake was all churned up. It was Day 3 of fun in the Adirondacks – and we now had this lake swim figured out. Swimming would be in ONE direction – i.e. WITH the wind and waves. Add a boogie board and flippers for the return trip (against the wind and waves) – and you have a perfect swim/fun water workout.

The “monkey” appears to be finally off my open water swim back. Not completely, but a little bit maybe. For the first time, I carried on a conversation while swimming (other than “Paddy – get closer!”)….laughed at one of Paddy’s jokes…..and at one point even took off far from my Paddy/boogie board safety net — to swim the final 300 yards to shore. A pretty big moment in my “learn how to swim as an ol’ fart” world.

Piseco Lake is a fantastic lake for swimming. Fresh water. Clean fresh water. Perfect temperatures. No lake grasses. Another week in this environment – and I might actually become a real swimmer. For now….making big strides will be enough.

We returned to our campsite, and made a roaring campfire. Paddy wanted to toss in all of the pine firewood all at once. This probably wasn’t such a good idea – since the fire got pretty high. But we didn’t burn down anything – and roasted a bunch of marshmallows.

After 3 days in the Adirondacks, the lack of internet, or any technology has become a wonderful loss. I have ceased checking my Blackberry, and whatever happens in the rest of the world – can stay there. I’m not quite ready to depart from this magical place – but I’m pretty sure we will be back again next year.

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