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Captain Wuuuus attempts climbing the mast…

With temperatures NOW in the upper 20’s and low 30’s…ocean coastal sailing in our open cockpit is downright unappealing. We decided to “drive the ditch” to the next inlet (Lake Worth) – and see if the weather might be any better. To do so, someone has to climb the mast – and bring down all of the goodies on top (tri-color light, anemometer, weather vane) – so that they don’t collide with one of the 5 fixed bridges between Ft. Pierce and Lake Worth Florida.

It was time for me (aka Captain Wuuuus) to man up and give the mast climb a whirl. In 35 degree temps and 18 knot winds….I attempted my first mast climb. Locked in snug in our new bosun’s chair and safety harness….Pat hoisted me upward. All is good at the first spreader (20 feet in the air)….but not so good at the second spreader (45 feet in the air). By now, my hands were frozen from grabbing the mast….the wind pushed me around….and Captain Wuuuus needed to return back to earth. Pronto. Maybe next time. For now, I handed the job over to the pro….Captain Pat…who made the climb…and descent without incident. Whew.

Bundled with many layers of clothes, we now wait for low tide in the AM….and depart Ft. Pierce.

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