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Ice sailors…

Apparently Canada is MAD at the US. I’m guessing it’s something we said. All of the cold air that normally stays in Canada for the winter — is now on permanent loan to Florida.

With no end in sight for the frigid temperatures in central and southern Florida – we decide to depart Cape Canaveral, and sail offshore for a day hop to Ft Pierce. By 6AM, the temperatures were 35 degrees. The winds were 15-20 knots from the northwest, putting the wind chills into the 20’s. Nice.
These are temperatures you would expect off the coast of Alaska in the Bearing Sea. NOT Florida. Florida is “The sunshine state”. The place where snowbirds descend in the winter to ESCAPE the cold. The place where your arthritis suddenly disappears. The place where you wear t-shirts and shorts year round. I should be SWEATING here… Still, we remain hopeful, that someday we’ll experience heat.
The sea state turned out to be favorable for a day hop to Ft Pierce. Following seas, steady winds from the northwest…and some rollers. OK, the rolling swells were a bit large — in the 4-6′ range — but not uncomfortable, as we stayed tight (within 3 miles) to the coastline.
Highlights of the voyage include:
– I’ve lost all feeling in my hands and toes
– our rudder worked today….no more traveling in circles!
– fastest speed of the day – 12 knots with a reefed main
– I saw frost in Paddy’s beard
– we are now 60+ miles further south
– the temperatures are not any warmer in Ft Pierce
– snow is predicted in Orlando
– with 6 layers of clothing, I now resemble the Michelin man

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