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Run for the Roses

Due to popular demand (or maybe just the very cool t-shirt), the Sista-hood decided to make the Run for the Roses an annual event. Unfortunately, Jill did not get the memo for 2009, so Emma and I turned this into a mother-daughta event.

The alarm clock on my new Verizon walkie-talkie phone didn’t go off at 5:30AM. Instead, the low battery squawk noises began at 2:30AM. By the time I figured out how to plug in the charging unit without wiping all of the sleep pixie dust from my eyes – I was wide awake. Hours of wide-awake time passed, until 6AM, driving south on I-95 from Baltimore. Now, I just wanted to go back to bed.

Emma’s b’friend Mike would be joining us as support crew and paparazzi. Time to shake off the sleepless cobwebs and try to put on a show for the cameras. Emma had this bizarre idea that we should wear running SKIRTS. I don’t own a running skirt…but would substitute a tennis skirt so our mothadaughta team could run in matching outfits. Pre-race fashion designs – by Emma.

I warned Emma that I would be slow. I know I mentioned something about my hamstrings not at 100%. I’m pretty sure I repeated myself. I’m guessing Emma is hearing impaired. We started the race in mid-pack. In less than 50 feet, Emma was in full stride passing lots of women. She looked over her shoulder expecting me to be there. OK, just this once, I thought – as I sped up to re-join her.

Emma runs like a dog chasing a tennis ball. Speeding past ladies in front, so that she can get her sights on a new challenge. Oh crap. I’m gonna have to figure out a way to keep up. Emma is chatting the entire time. Talking to volunteers on the course. Supporting fellow runners. Providing me with data from her special runner-doo watch. Giving me course information, pace time and time left. I focused on getting enough oxygen.

As we approached the finish line – Emma wants us to sprint the last 100 yards. Surely this girl has lost her mind. There was no democracy here. Daughter unit was building speed…I had no choice but to follow. We finished in less than 30 minutes – 29min 53 seconds to be exact. Our pace was 9min miles 37 seconds. We took 8th place as the mother daughter team – and top 28% overall. Not bad considering that Emma was dragging an anchor for 3.1 miles!

Off to apres run-fun activities at the coffee shop and farmers market in downtown Silver Spring – with our film and support Paparazzi Mike. Sleep can come later. It’s time to celebrate!

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