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Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling is now officially checked OFF of the bucket list. I wasn’t aware that this was ever ON the bucket list, but surely it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Cosmic Bowling in suburbia Ellicott City MD starts at 10PM on Saturday nights. Well past my bedtime.

Accompanied by cosmic maties Paddy, Chuck & Jill, we put on our best Austin Powers “hey baby” imitation…and headed over to Brunswick Lanes where disco balls and disco music provide a wonderful distraction to the fact that none of us really knew how to bowl.

Times have surely changed since I last went bowling. Notably:
– bowling balls come in assorted neon colors – including PINK
– the little number on the ball indicates how much the ball weighs
– no more paper-n-pencil, the games are scored automatically for you via computer

3 hours later, we had mastered the art of cosmic bowling – and had learned many things about bowling, and each other, in the process:
– if the number on the bowling ball says “14”…it becomes very heavy after 3 hours of bowling, despite the fact that the ball is a cool shade of pink
– Paddy is a ringer…and I’m guessing has been secretly bowling in his dreams
– Chuck is the master of spins…and owns a bowling ball with big holes for his fingers
– Jill drank some beer and won the final game…
– strikes are overrated (and rare in my case)

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