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Where to start…with window replacement 101

We’re back on-board Cat Maudy after a 9 week stint on land. So, what’s changed?
– the seagulls (along with all of their friends and relatives) have invaded our dock
– the city of Baltimore has installed a shed with a solar powered conveyor belt to help capture storm runoff pollution.
– our windows are still broken. Yes, a miracle would have been nice.

With the window cracks staring at us 24/7 – we decided to get in some face time with Precision Plastics – who will be creating the 4 custom acrylic panels. The owner of Precision was kind enough to show us his shop, huge baking oven – and spent some time discussing how we should create the “frame” for the new windows.

Here’s what is required:
-the new acrylic window will be created from the old window — assuming we can get each section out in one piece
-the new acrylic will need to “bake” in the monsta oven for 2 weeks at 350 degrees
-in order to “bake” based on the form from the old windows….we have to build a frame on the old windows that will allow it to keep it’s original shape while baking
-easier said than done

Next stop – at Tidewater Marina who is evaluating our project. As we describe how the frame needs to be built…and the digging and grinding required to remove the window adhesive residue…suddenly the project becomes VERY labor intensive. The vicinity of $20,000. Plus, they couldn’t even look at the boat until July. Oh my.

We walk away realizing that we have just landed a new job. It’s called the “boat window replacement job”. An “art fix” is required to get started. I take a walk into Fells Point and stare at urban art. Creative juices start flowing.

Our task list was daunting..
-from the inside….using a series of wood “posts” that would be screwed into the existing acrylic windows.
-the other end of the post would be affixed to a flat base
-a sufficient number of posts would be adhered to ensure that the curves of the windows maintained shape
-repeat the above for each of the 12 window portals — which comprise 4 window segments
-then when it gets warm enuf…take the windows out and have them recreated in form by Precision Plastics
-dig out all of the adhesive residue
-learn about how to adhere windows using sikaflex 295
-practice all of the above on something smaller in scale

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  1. That job seems interesting. I wish to see the photo of the newly replaced window. It's good that you still have time to fix your window. Some people are too busy with work that's why they just leave it to the experts of window replacement service which is just a click away for inquiries and quotation.

  2. I love companies who leave posts on my blog trying to solicit business. If this company “Windows and Door Replacement” is as expert as they claim…maybe they should read the blog to realize that this is a BOAT…and not a HOUSE or COMMERCIAL building. Jus Sayn 😉

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