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Lewis & Clark…ski in thin air

After a few hours of computer work, it was time to get the day started on the Peaks at Breckenridge. We sachet’d our way to the bottom of the parking lot – and waited for the free shuttle bus to take us to a ski lift. “Where are you headed?” the bus driver asked. “Anywhere you are going”, I responded. We still have no clue where these buses are headed. Our mystery bus tour dropped us off at the Gondola lift – in the heart of downtown Breckenridge. OK – this works!

The skiing was fabulous, with lots of sunshine – and I was working hard on my mountain tan. It doesn’t take long to bronze-up – as you are a LOT closer to the sun here. Within the first few runs, Paddy got his version of a “yard sale” down, and I decided to ski behind him to help pick up the pieces. It turned out to be just some AM leg wobbles, and Paddy was soon back to Jean Claude styling by noon. Despite the screaming noises coming from our quad muscles, we continued on….3 peaks in all.

Apres ski consisted of:

  • a brief hoola hoop workout
  • a leisurely stroll through town (note: they sell little bottles of Oxygen in the shops),
  • a french crepe in front of an open pit outdoor fireplace for dinner…
  • and eventual collapse back at the cabin.

Bodies are still operating on Eastern time zone…and I was wondering what oxygen might taste like again.

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