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Lewis & Clark…COFFEE nirvana

DAY 3 (Denver CO)

Enuf with the HOOPING….Paddy needed COFFEE.

and not just your everyday starbucks experience….this was about down-n-dirty getting the best cup of coffee that could be had.

I was equipped only with a verizon card…and my good friend google. As a team, it appeared that we had discovered the “coffee district” of Denver CO. This was the place, where the LOCALS go to for coffee, on a Sunday morning. No, not Starbucks….but rather the Tattered Cover Coffee & Tea Shop.

We spent over an hour, just lounging with the hippie Denver crowd, outdoors, absorbing the oxygen depleted air, and delightful sunshine. Temperatures were in the mid 50’s.

And, if that wasn’t enuf, Patty had a “MONK” like coffee perfection experience at the neighboring ENCORE (appropriately named) restaurant. The coffee is served in a mini french press, with ample supplies of cream and raw sugar.

Paddy had reached Nirvana….aka Denver CO…at the foothills of the Rockies. After 26 hours of being trapped in the Jeep….all was good.

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