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03.28.1943 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson:

Got your letter OK the other day. Smitty and I got back to camp OK the other day, and this time on time.

So Bob wants to know what A.S.N. means. Well, it’s just Army Serial Number. And ASF means Army Service Forces which formerly was SOS or Services of Supply.

You should see our new washing machine up here. It does everything but iron the clothes. It’s all hooked up by rubber hose to the water faucets. You put your clothes in, close the hatch, pour in some soap, turn the switches, and let it go. In about 45 minutes, the clothes have been washed, rinsed and dried up enough to that you can iron them. It’s a Westinghouse.

Our conversation sometimes centers about which is the best soap powder to use. I have reached the conclusion that Rinso makes you sneeze. What a conversation for an army camp.

Well, this is sort of a short note, but I’m writing short ones trying to catch up.

Fort Niagara, NY

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