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05.18.1944 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson and all,

I’m starting one of those letters in which I can’t think of very much to write about. I feel as well as ever, and my mail seems to be coming through in fair shape right now. It takes anywhere from ten to twelve days. I haven’t gotten enough air mail to say for sure whether it comes through faster than V-Mail. I think the Air Mail is faster personally.

You have probably seen the letters I wrote to Willard and Grace. I meant it for all of you. I’m looking out for some souvenirs for the kids all the while. In fact, I’ve decided that I will get a set of English coins for all of them. That ought to please them. They’re really hasn’t been anything around here.

There is no ice cream or fresh milk to be had around here, but we are able to get plenty of Coca Cola right now. It doesn’t seem quite as strong as our cokes back home do. Still it’s a coke. My main difficulty is in getting blades to fit my Gillette razor. I can get plenty of Gem blades but they won’t work. Good thing I brought a little supply with me. Another thing I’m short on is reading material. I’m not getting my Readers Digest over here and don’t know whether I will or not. If you can pick up some razor blades somewhere I would like to have some. I know they may be hard to get, but if you should manage to pick up a few (sometime, and also a few late magazines like “Liberty” or “Saturday Evening Post” I would appreciate if you would send them on to me. Even though our eats are good, I wish I had one of your good meals right now. So, if you include something I can eat and something that will keep on the way over I will certainly appreciate it. By the way, if and when you do send this stuff (if you can get it) make sure you wrap it real well.

I haven’t heard anything as yet from either Howard or Elizabeth. I know that Howard is at Ft. Custer, Michigan.

I have a letter from Mom dated May 2 or 4 which I haven’t answered as yet.

I do my own laundry. I have time and it seems to come out pretty well. However, to get a uniform dry cleaned takes anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks.

Guess that’s about all I have for now. Write and let me know the latest dope.



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