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05.27.1944 Letter

I’ll send you an Air Mail letter with my account number over my signature, and you can deposit it at Endicott Trust Co.

I saw a funny incident down town the other night. I rounded a corner and happened to be looking out at the bus stand. There stood a woman bent over holding the baby in her arms, the baby being bent, with his pants down his legs and dress pulled up, and reminding me very much like a kinked piece of rubber hose. She was simply letting his little radiator drain right over the curb. What a laugh we got out of that. Never saw that expedient used before.

I just this minute was handed a letter from Howard, so I’m reading it. Nothing new except he said that he had an X-ray taken of his arm. That’s a good beginning.

Hope you get both these letters at the same time. I’m going to close and go eat supper.



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