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01.10.1945 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson;

Guess it’s pretty nearly time that I dropped you a line and let you know where I stand again but I hardly know what to begin to say.

Anyway, winter has finally caught up with us over here and the ground is covered with a fine layer of snow. The snow hasn’t been on the ground very long, but the first day that it came we were issued long undies and though I haven’t started to wear them regularly as yet, I may have to before very long. Frankly, I’m glad that it’s colder now than it was a few weeks back, a few weeks ago as I prefer to walk on frozen ground rather than in mud.

Got a letter the other day from a friend of mine who I met back in Niagara when I first came in the Army. It was the first that I had heard from him in two years, and I hadn’t expected to hear from him at all. Anyway, he ended up in India, and his letter came to me by way of Niagara. So, you can imagine what a journey that letter had. It was almost three months on the way having been mailed last October.

As far as I know now, I’ve received all of my Christmas packages except one and that’s the one that Grace said she mailed to me. I got three from IBM alone, one from New York and two from Endicott. And now I’m getting both Collier’s and the Post and they’re coming in so fast right now that I can hardly keep up with them. They’re dated from October.

Went out and got a little French lesson tonight, and though it is still difficult for me to understand them, I am getting successful enough to make myself understood and I guess that’s progress. Not much I can add for this time, so will close.



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