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01.21.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Haven’t had any mail for several days now, but neither has anyone else. Won’t have any for a few days yet, and then there’ll probably be a lot of it. I have received several packages that I never expected, and if every guy over did as well, it can be readily understood why mail might be delayed. Most of us in here did well in that respect.

Am still feeling well, even though the weather has been bad. Only had one cold — the one I told you about in a previous letter a while back. We had quite a bit of snow for today.

I am enclosing some pictures in this letter, some which I took in England, and some which were taken by other fellows. That picture of the tent in the thickest pines is the one I slept in for some time since coming over here. Notice how we put sides on it, and built it up. Some of the pictures were taken in the office. I have sent in some that I took in color. They haven’t been returned yet. Pass ’em around, but don’t lose them.

Things look pretty good on the Russian front right now. If they keep going at their present rate, they’ll be in Berlin before we are. What care who gets there first as long as the thing is over with.

I don’t know whether I mentioned it before or not, but we have movies here twice a week now. Get some pretty good pictures too. The screen is a makeshift one, being a big piece of plywood painted with silver. It works good now, but at first you didn’t know whether you’d see a complete picture or not.

Guess I’ll close off for this issue.



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