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04.18.1945 European Civil Affairs Division

European Civil Affairs Division
G-2 Section

APO 658
18 April 1945

Subject: Information concerning S/Sgt. Russell F Wadsworth
TO: Commanding Officer, Headquarters Company, E.C.A.D.

In compliance with your request for information concerning subject enlisted man, the following data is furnished:

A. Superior
B. Excellent
C. This non-commissioned officer has demonstrated for a period of one year the ability to take charge of the administrative aspects of any function of this office and to follow same through to a successful conclusion. He has further demonstrated qualities of leadership and the soldierly quality of undertaking any task assigned, whether in his line or not, and execute same without complaint. It is the opinion of the undersigned that he has great potential value as an officer.

Milton W. Buffington
Major, Infantry
A.C. of S., G-2

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