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05.28.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Say, no hear from you for a long time now. What’s up?

Anyway, do you notice anything different about this letter? No, they’re not censoring them any more. But we cannot reveal our location yet.

As it is now, we’ll soon be able to get furloughs back to England and southern France. Now I don’t know where I would like to go even after I went to the trouble of having you, send that book to me. However, I’m going to hang on to it anyway.

By the way, have you ever received the films and the money order which I sent to you? Would appreciate your letting me know about this.

We’re certainly in a beautiful section of Europe – Germany. This place is a health resort and there are a number of swimming pools and wells of different varieties of mineral water, supposed to be good for what ails you. I like the taste of the water from one of the springs. Soft of like soda.

We were out watching a tennis match tonight – out in the park. One of the balls went over the fence and a civilian passerby was asked to pick it up. Well, you know the rule – no fraternization. He picked up the ball and threw it back. Then he said jokingly, “That’ll cost you sixty-five dollars”, that being the fine for one caught fraternizing. Naturally, it sounded funny to hear the civilian reply in perfect English, but it’s only an indication of the number of people who speak English around here.

Oh yes, before we came here, we were back in Trayes, France.

Guess that’ll do it for now.



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