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06.29.1945 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson;

Thought this afternoon would be a good time to drop you a few lines and let you know how things are around here.

We now have a radio for our hotel room. But, we have to take the darn thing up to have it fixed. It seems that whoever had it before we got it burned out the transformer, and it is easy to see how that could have happened. They have all kinds of currents and voltages in the hotel where we live. The radio is made to run on alternating current. Somebody plugged it into direct current and she’s caput.

And now for a little human interest story. One of the fellows here met a girl in Paris and one in Troyes, where we used to be stationed back in France. Both girls write to him telling him sweet nothings. He, like I, knows very little French, so what does he do. He copies the sweet nothings one girl writes to him and sends them to the other girl, being careful to change the feminine to masculine usage. For him it works out swell so far. He’s always doing things like that.

I haven’t exactly enjoyed our eats around here lately. We’ve been getting a lot of rice which is substituted for potatoes, and many times the potatoes are the dehydrated variety. Much of the meat seems to be coming from cans lately. We did have ice cream the other night as I believe I mentioned in my previous letter. It tasted good too.

Tonight there is the picture “Flame of Barbary Coast” in our theater. I think I will go on the second show.

You know, I’ve developed a taste for something over here that I never had back home. Mostly because some of the other fellows had them and offered them to me I guess. That something is sardines. In many of our gatherings before we hit the hay at night, we usually have some sort of a sandwich and many times sardines fill the bill. Another thing I had was anchovies. They’re good.

Have you been able to pick up any colored or their film lately. My stock of black and white is pretty good right now. The other day I got five rolls of 127, which if I take and cut it down and rewind it in a dark room works dandy in my camera. I experimented with a roll of it a couple of weeks ago and got beautiful results. So if you are out picking up film some time and can’t get my size, maybe you can get some of the 127. Agfa makes it and I have their German version of it now. I think the name of their film is Ansco now, isn’t it?

Well I guess I’ll have to close off and get back to work.


Bad Homburg, Germany

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