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07.30.1945 Letter

So you see we’re still civilians at hear regardless of what you might read in newspapers magazines or other sources to the contrary.

Something has happened to our mail here though. We just haven’t got any in a couple of weeks. We know that people are writing, but I’m of the opinion that this redeployment program has sort of bawled things up.

A couple of weeks ago I sent a little gift to Bob and the other day I sent one to Romayne. Has Bob received his yet?

Oh yes, I want to thank you for sending those papers to me. I enjoyed looking them over. Just the section I was interested in.

By the way, did I by any chance leave any light tan shirts with you before I left. If I did I would appreciate if you would send one to me. If you have them, you might throw in a jar of olives too.

It’s time to eat now, so I guess I’ll close.


Bad Homburg, Germany

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