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Whole30 Take 2

 I am now at day 52, or is it 53 of Whole30-who’s-even-counting-anymore when you are nearing Whole60?   Several people who have never tried Whole30  have politely inquired if I am planning to stop this silly form of eating, consider attending a Whole30-Anonymous session, share something to the likes of “I have gone 52 days without eating toxic chemicals masquerading as food” to a hearty round of applause and nods before being assigned a buddy to help slowly wean me off of cauliflower and broccoli.  Continue reading Whole30 Take 2

Whole30: Days 22 through 26 and Hello Gumby

I lay in bed, listening to the rain,  re-adjusted the pillow to relax into a 10 minute yoga-fix-your-posture-pose, while browsing the latest headline news on my smartphone.   With shoulders-freshly-aligned, I got up and immediately dropped that slippery phone, watching it hit the floor with a BAM.  There, it mocked me, knowing creaky knees did not appreciate bending.   I bent toward the floor anyway, waiting for joint resistance, and feeling none, continued the descent.  There is always a limit to deep-knee-bends.  Yet, something unusual was happening, as Team-Bend continued the downward descent.  How low could one go?   Feet flat,  balanced, calf and hamstrings in rare embrace, I paused.  Not because I couldn’t get back up — rather marveling, that 2 decades have passed since our last visit from the flexibility-gods.

Hello, Gumby. Continue reading Whole30: Days 22 through 26 and Hello Gumby

Whole30: Days 18 through 21

There is no data recorded during Whole30.  No counting calories on a small notebook tucked under important paperwork in the office.  No scale watching.  No visits to Bed Bath & Beyond to test drive a new scale. No sneak trips to the Doctor’s office just so the nurse can give you a weigh.  No trying on every pair of pants for a before-n-after comparison.  No Excel pivot tables with accompanying pie charts spitting out trend analysis of macro nutrient consumption.  No spinning through back entries of your FitBit with a ‘those-were-the-days’ reflections on when you once collected such data.  No measuring tapes, no more Google-calorie-food-checks, because the management of food data has been handed over to the Internal Affairs Department. Continue reading Whole30: Days 18 through 21

Whole30: Days 11-15

Hard to imagine hubby and I have managed to eat ‘whole’ for a whopping 15 days.  We spend a LOT more time in the kitchen prepping and cooking, and many-many dishes are used in the process, with a dishwasher constantly filled.  Gone are the days of a quick sugary snack, gone are the days of mindless eating, gone are the dips in energy, and all our thoughts point to how to get creative with our next meal. Continue reading Whole30: Days 11-15

Whole30: Days 7 through 10

To much relief, there is a calm after the storm.   The broccoli is no longer brawling with the grapefruit,  the unusual body tremors have subsided, the days of blank stares & delayed responses to ‘how is it going?’ are over, and everything seems to have settled onto one big discovery.   My prior Whole30 food choices weren’t as healthy as I once thought. Continue reading Whole30: Days 7 through 10

Whole30: Days 5&6 Civil unrest

Day 5
I expected to awake with the fairy godmother sprinkling more of that rose dust over my health food journey.    Today, however, she was out helping other customers.

Let’s just say that the Basement Department was in an all-hands (microbe speaking) food-fight.  The cherry tomatoes and cauliflower threw Ali-like punches, the melons and strawberries were no longer team players, and everyone was trying to convince the Top-Floor Penthouse that a little chocolate would bring peace to the revolt. Continue reading Whole30: Days 5&6 Civil unrest

My Journey with Whole30: Days 1-4

Whole30:  What is it?   According to   Whole30.com — it is a “nutritional program designed to change your life in 30 days”. The main idea is to re-educate people on how and what to eat in order to improve life on both physical and psychological aspects.
I had to see if my life needed a tune-up, so here is what happened during the first 4 days.

Continue reading My Journey with Whole30: Days 1-4