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20160220_182930_24789297109_oThe nearest concrete wall was three miles away which wasn’t far by my standards.  It was 1969 and mom didn’t like the idea that I would ride my bicycle to the wall at the local university to hit tennis balls probably because I was ten years old and a girl, and too independent for my own good as she would say, so she insisted that I take the back roads and avoid the busy parkway.

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Helloooooooooo 2015!

Strategy for January:   Impromptu

If I learned anything at all about training and running the NYC marathon – I could sum it up as an adventure in discipline.   But now — 2 months after running the 5 boroughs of NY – I’m ready to balance that discipline with something else.  A new strategy – at least for the next 30 days.  Impromptu.   Now, it might not sound like much of a running or exercise strategy – but it resonated for me.  Less planning, more in-the-moment, winging-it, dance in it type of theme.  Finding new ways to keep the flames hopping in my metabolism fire-pit.  So – let’s see what this looks like so far:

January 1 – New Year’s Day:   No running, no exercise, Nada.  I admit – I was a bit nervous not starting out the new year with some round of intense exercise.   At first I thought this might not be the best way to start out a new year.   But then re-framed that thought around the theme of re-balancing and impromptu.  Rest is good.   Rest is healthful.  Rest is part of training.   I’m deciding in the moment – that today I will rest fully – and without guilt.   And I did.

20150102_095154January 2 – Noticed a detour during a Tundra Bike workout – and decided it was worthy to explore.  It was an abandoned airplane landing strip for the locals.   Maybe not, but that’s my story.  It’s a long wide road, never noticed before, and next to the BWI airport with lots of room for airplanes.   Sounds like a landing strip right?   And – why else would it be called Park and Fly?   Continue reading Helloooooooooo 2015!

Day 4 of the Holiday Challenge: Hula hooping while bouncing a tennis ball

When I first started my Thought-Rut slash Holiday challenge as a way to close out 2014 – I wasn’t sure I would have enough thought ruts to last 16 days.   For the record,  I had at least a dozen ideas to test drive – just for today!   Amazing how thought ruts come out of the woodwork once you set them free!  But alas, one challenge to my thinking per day.   So today I opted to challenge my thoughts that it couldn’t be done.  There was no way I could hula hoop AND bounce a tennis ball on a tennis racket for 1 full minute.   No way.

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