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The Code

25870657461_8490430f96_zAs their AmTrak train arrived in New York City, the screeching sounds of brakes grinding to a stop gave way to a sense that something special was about to unfold.  Doris and Lois, dragged their carefully packed bags, backpacks actually, that were only easy to carry during the departure from Baltimore.  Somehow, during the train ride these bags transformed into cement blocks, becoming heavier and wider, and any plans to walk the distance from mid-town to Battery Park seemed less likely.  It was New York City at 9AM and the hum of the city, the tall buildings that on some blocks shut down the sky, had that unique smell of humanity that the shop owners did their best to hose back onto the streets, for a city that claimed to never sleep.

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First Impressions

Power of WordsA fictional scene – 2 generations of artists meet in a NYC recording studio

“Todel – you know – T-O-E  D-E-L-L” I insisted, irritated from spell-pronouncing my name each time I met some millennial song artist wannabe who reeked of pinstriped suits.  We had only exchanged emails three days ago.  She wanted to meet.  See if I still had my chops I guess. I hoped she wasn’t wasting my time.

“Toe-dell – got it” Jules smiled, pronouncing the name slowly, accentuating the second syllable ‘dell’.  “Mr. Todel, I’m Jules Taylor.  A big fan of your work.”

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