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The running mind: Friend or Foe?

Training for the NYC marathon (11/2/2014) had me looking into various marathon training plans.   They all seemed to concur.  I would need to run 14 miles today.

14 miles is 9/10 of a mile longer than any run I’ve done in the last 15 years.  My mind was convinced that 9/10 of a mile is a monumental leap in distance.  Can I run this distance, solo, in the heat of the summer?   I don’t run with tunes….only those tunes that come and go in my head.   Below is a summary of how my mind and body worked out these details….

  • Wake up:   6AM.  1/2 hour later than I hoped.  It is too late to depart the house by 6:30AM.   Will just enjoy a light breakfast and few sips of coffee.  Maybe extra water is a good idea.
  • Depart for the run:  7AM.  It is already warmer than I would like.  I am carrying extra water.   Will need to adjust my route so that I can refill water bottles
  • Mile 1:  Already drank most of the water from my extra 16 oz water bottle.  hmmm.  Thinking about more adjustments to my route so that I can refill water earlier than expected
  • Mile 2:  Don’t really have my route fully planned…this is all spontaneous.   I’m not even sure I’ll make the full 14 miles today – though it would be nice to break that 13.1 mile barrier.   The song Devil with the Blue Dress plays incessantly in my mind.
  • Mile 3:  I’m opting to run wherever I can find shade.   I’m only at mile 3 and drenched with sweat
  • Mile 4:  I read somewhere that it is “OK” to stop and sip on water when running in the heat.  That is exactly what I am doing.  A 30 second stop  really helped me to cool down.
  • Mile 5:  Still unsure if I will make 14, and adding a lot of neighborhood roads completely unplanned.   Junk miles…just putting in the miles and time.
  • Mile 6:  I have enough water to maybe make 2 more miles.  At that point will need water to continue.
  • Mile 7:  Running in a sunny section and thinking maybe 9 is all I can complete today
  • Mile 8:  Stop at the local Safeway supermarket – and take a breather in the air conditioning.  Fill up all my water bottles.   Leave the Safeway and realize that I just drank 1/2 the water in one of my water bottles – so go back inside and top it off
  • Mile 9:  Feeling much better with knowing that I have a nice supply of water again.  Focusing on my footwork.   Maybe I can do more than 9 miles
  • Mile 10:  Took a new side street and not sure where it is going.  Hoping all the dogs are on leashes.  They are 😉  There seems to be plenty of shade – so I follow the road until it dead ends.
  • Mile 11:  Wow – I think I will make 14 today.  I just need to mentally figure out my map so that I get home when the GPS tells me 14.
  • Mile 12:  I am on a route heading back toward home.  If my mental mile calculator is right – I have 2 miles to go.  I look at the GPS often now.  Not for time…just to check the distance.
  • Mile 13:  Focus on self preservation – knees are feeling OK, feet are OK….and trying to stay light on my stride
  • Mile 14:  Closing in on returning to home.   Looking at my GPS watch a lot!
  • Finish 14.2 miles – WOW!!   Broke the 13.1 barrier.   Time to sit down.   Enjoy some A/C and rehydrate.

Feeling good, very hungry and a little tired.  I decide that my next long run – will include a buddy (or 2)!