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Grand Trail Fest Utah, Hello Castle Rock Colorado

We departed Kansas City at 5:30 am and drove an entire hour before finding coffee a few miles east of Topeka. It was a lucky find. After Topeka there was no chance of waking up for 400 miles.

Wiki refers to Kansas topography as having 2 sections — the Osage Plains and Flint Hills — but from I70 where the speed limit is 75 it resembled one long dust prairie of tumbleweed. We barely noticed a steady climb westbound and when the rare internet appeared Wiki explained that we would reach 4000′ at the Colorodo border. Continue reading Grand Trail Fest Utah, Hello Castle Rock Colorado

Grande Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry#3

When the FitBit reads oh-four-thirty-ish, running gear includes headlamps and the thick wet morning air belongs in a sauna — you can stake claim to the label:   Sleep-deprived East Coast runner.  Or, simply someone who has lost their sensibilities.

Yes, the Grand Trailfest is under 3 months away.  Yes, we are still searching for replica-trails that will mirror the conditions in high-altitude desert.   Yes, the East Coast is baking in heat and drowning in rain making for super-humid-roaster conditions — the opposite of high-altitude desert.  Yes, we search for that fine-line of training too much or tapering-too-soon, and yes, yes yes, we err on the side of training-too-much. Continue reading Grande Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry#3