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Grande Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry#3

When the FitBit reads oh-four-thirty-ish, running gear includes headlamps and the thick wet morning air belongs in a sauna — you can stake claim to the label:   Sleep-deprived East Coast runner.  Or, simply someone who has lost their sensibilities.

Yes, the Grand Trailfest is under 3 months away.  Yes, we are still searching for replica-trails that will mirror the conditions in high-altitude desert.   Yes, the East Coast is baking in heat and drowning in rain making for super-humid-roaster conditions — the opposite of high-altitude desert.  Yes, we search for that fine-line of training too much or tapering-too-soon, and yes, yes yes, we err on the side of training-too-much. Continue reading Grande Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry#3