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19916613215_cc60309aa5_zThere is nothing quite like waking up every morning and the only item in your day-plan is to ride your bike.   No checking emails (partly thanks to no internet) to see who may be knocking on your virtual door,  no questions on what to do with your time, no coffee to jump start your brain.  After five days of bicycle touring, there appears to be some slack in my hoidy-toidy veggie organic food  diet.  We have run out wild rice and corn, and in it’s place are day-old sandwich leftovers for breakfast, pretzels, chips, cliff bars and just about anything we can get our hands on.   The switch from hoidy-toidy to anything-goes happened somewhere around day 3 and we put up no resistance to the change.

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Bike friendly roads and less hills

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fogged in lighthouse
Fogged in
Pausing as the fog rolls in
Pausing while the fog rolls in

Somewhere south of Portland Maine, our ride took on elements of bicycle friendly roadways (shoulders the size of entire lanes), off-road trails, and substantially less intense hills.  This area embraces bicyclists, and this is obvious by the dramatic increase in bicycle traffic.

Today’s ride was to begin at 6AM, and at 6:05 we realized that we had overslept.  Camping under huge spruce tree cover, plus very dense fog had our bio-clock confused.   Despite the late wake-up, we managed to shovel down handfuls of food, place our gear on our bikes, pump up the tires and break-down everything else that needed to be done in a 15 minute window.   By 6:20AM, we were on the road, traveling.  The only worry in our world was getting beyond heavily traveled Route 1 before the rush of humanity had the same idea.   We biked fast, together, with front lights and tail lights blinking like a Christmas tree.   And then we veered off Route 1, to begin a ride that would soon morph into a biker’s dream. Continue reading Bike friendly roads and less hills

The rain gods and alternate routes

Sunday 7/19

My 4:15AM alarm was barely audible over the downpour of rain on our cabin. It’s one thing to be out bicycling and get caught in the rain, and a whole different deal to start your ride in a torrential downpour.   A quick rendezvous with my biking partner, and we decided to wait for a weather window.

Maine coastline views
Maine coastline views

In the meantime, we are awake. We are ready to get started, doing “something”. So we put on our foul weather gear – and began fast walking the starting miles of our bike route for a sneak preview – in hopes that the rain gods would notice and shut off the faucet.

8 walking miles later, something unexpected happened.   The rain gods took pity on us, the rains ceased, and we discovered alternate roadways that offered us a chance to get the bulk of our ride complete – void of vehicle traffic.

We discovered 40 miles of roads – not asphalt, but dirt and gravel the width of a very narrow car.   Not ideal for road bike tires, but perfect for our touring bikes with fat 38 mil puncture resistant tires. We would put these tires to the test today. Continue reading The rain gods and alternate routes