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East Coast Greenway: Ocean Isle Beach NC to Myrtle Beach SC

After a long conversation with an Ocean Isle Beach native working the meat department at the town grocery, he assured me that not only are alligators good eating and taste like chicken, but they get ’em fresh from Georgia, which from my calculation was two states away.

Me:  Will they chase us on bicycles?
The Butcher:  Yes, ma’am.
Me:  You, mean, while we’re riding our bikes, they’ll come out and chase us?
The Butcher:  No ma’am.  Only when you stop.

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East Coast Greenway: Wilmington to Ocean Isle Beach NC

Whaaat?  You’re doing what?

We are East Coast Greenway.  Riding our bikes one week a year, to cover a segment of miles from Maine to Key West, FL – and this year, Wilmington NC to Savannah GA.   Riding the congested east coast, as pioneers, bringing visibility to what roadways need to be more bike-friendly and tour townships on segments that include bike trails and low volume roads.  The East Coast Greenway works with municipalities to form safe bike travels state-by-state – because who wouldn’t want to travel without a car?
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47 miles of cycling to finish the week long tour on the ECG into Raleigh


Town of Cary
Town of Cary

Day 6: Sometimes the challenge-du-jour appears where you least expect.

Navigating the hotel elevator:  By 8:30AM, I would need two trips down the elevator from my 2nd floor hotel room, to get my luggage to the luggage truck (trip #1), and my bicycle to the outdoor world (trip #2).    Trip #1 was easy.  My luggage had wheels, and despite the fact that it felt heavier each day – at least the beast rolled.

All was going well during trip #2 (the bicycle).  Except for one problem.  I was also trying to hold a cup of coffee.  Not just any cup of Joe.  It had been a week since I had tasted good coffee.  I clung to this caffeine treasure, and convinced myself I could also navigate the hotel elevator with my bicycle.

I boarded the elevator with my bicycle (front wheel first), and even managed to hold my bike, hold my coffee and press the “Lobby” button.  Suddenly my front headlight fell off the bike and landed on the elevator floor.  I stared at it – but that did nothing to return the headlight to my bike.  I would have to somehow hold my bike, hold my coffee, bend over and pick up the light.

The elevator door opened as I reached the Lobby – but I couldn’t exit.  I hadn’t figured out how to pick up my headlight.  Now the doors have closed and the elevator is going back up.  I had visions that I would be spending the day in the elevator.  And, no – the thought hadn’t crossed my mind to abandon my coffee.

At the 4th floor, a lovely lady got on.  I asked her if she wouldn’t mind holding onto my bike while I retrieved my headlight.   She was apparently new to holding onto bicycles, and as soon as I let go, my bike crashed to the elevator floor.  I managed to retrieve the headlight, but now had to pick up my bike, without spilling my coffee and some how re-arrange the wheels so that I could exit.

Reaching the lobby for the 2nd time, the elevator doors open, and the lovely lady departed.   Unfortunately, I could not drag the bicycle out before the doors closed – so I travel back up to the 4th floor.   Nobody gets on.   I spend my solo elevator time trying to come up with a new game plan.  If I could only get the front wheel of my bike closer to the elevator door.   I work on re-positioning my bicycle while descending back to the Lobby and the doors open once again.

The third opening of the elevator doors at the Lobby was the proverbial charm.  A fellow cyclist waiting to hop on the elevator offers to hold my coffee, hold the elevator door and I handed him the loose headlight for good measure.   I dragged my bike away from the confines of the elevator, returned to sipping my coffee, and pretended that none of this happened.

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61 miles of East Coast Greenway cycling into Durham NC

Hotel breakfast food
Hotel breakfast food

Day 5: Our departure from Clarksville VA at 7:45AM was greeted by warmer temperatures and a bittersweet taste of excitement for what would unfold — and the realization that our cycling tour is closing in on the finish line.   Including today’s ride — we have 2 days of riding before our ECG WAY Tour 2015  comes to an end.  Today’s ride would take us to Durham – 61 miles.

For inquiring minds, here is the morning routine that gets you to the road:

  • the alarm clock wakes you from the ‘dead zone’ at 5:30AM
  • you fumble to turn the thing off — which can take up to 15 minutes
  • you realize that time is not on your side
  • you put down hotel-food-complimentary breakfast – which by the way does not include any vegetables
  • you return to your room to clean your bike chain
  • you hope you haven’t left any bike grease on the hotel carpet
  • you find a set of clothes that appears clean
  • you were wrong about the clothes and keep searching
  • it’s day 5 and best you can do is a quick scrub of day-old clothing
  • you line up the bike technology — the brick, the recharged headlights, back-lights and smart phone GPS
  • you shove as much food that will fit into your bike-carry-bag
  • you say good-bye to any hope of lally-gagging
  • you pack your bag onto the shuttle truck
  • you meet up with your fellow riders
  • you attempt to stretch – not much bends anymore
  • you hop on your bike
  • you begin riding
  • and you realize that there is no better start to the day

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35 miles of rolling hills and rural treasures mark the ride to Clarksville Virginia

Carrying a Tobacco Leaf for good luck
Carrying a Tobacco Leaf for good luck

Day 4: Our route from South Hill to Clarksville Virginia was designed to reveal gems tucked away in rural Virginia.  And we were not disappointed!

Departing at 8:30AM, our pack of 4 riders stayed tight as we maneuvered through major highway interchanges and busy traffic in downtown South Hill.   All of that changed after 20 minutes, and we found ourselves riding along quiet roadways passing tobacco and soybean farms.   The large tobacco leaves beckoned us to stop for a photo op – and a chance to pick up a stray leaf for good measure.   Tobacco leaves are not your average ‘leaves’.   They can grow up to 2 feet long in length and easily a foot wide.

Continuing south, we ventured through small towns – such as Boydton.   Some of the landmarks of Boydton include – a water tower, a historic Main Street, 10 storefronts, few people and various Civil War landmarks.  We would have stimulated the economy for a mid morning coffee break – but there were no coffee shops in Boydton.  It is easy to see how small towns would benefit economically by embracing ‘active tourism’ — as part of a connected network – such as the East Coast Greenway!   Despite the lack of caffeine, we hopped  onto our bike saddles, and cycled our way back into farm country.   Continue reading 35 miles of rolling hills and rural treasures mark the ride to Clarksville Virginia

72 miles cycled through rural Virginia

Making the news!
Making the news!

Day 3: Our East Coast Greenway WAY bicycle tour made the upper fold of the local newspaper!

Breakfast for the hungry riders
Breakfast for the hungry riders

We had a long ride waiting for us today – 72 miles from South Petersburg to South Hill Virginia.  Greeted with cool temperatures (50 degrees) and sunny skies, the stars are aligned for an perfect ride.   We departed en masse from the hotel, and proceeded to weave our way southbound.  Within an hour, the mass of 36 cyclists had re-formed into groups of 3, 5 and 6 riders, the car traffic had dissipated, and we worked together to get the best out of the ride.

Approximately 20 miles into the ride we reached Historic Route 1.   Historic Route 1 parallels Interstate 85, which means that most of the traffic volume takes to I-85, leaving HR 1 mostly abandoned.  For the first 10 miles on HR1, we passed many gas stations that were boarded up (likely due to not enough business), and it wasn’t until we had reached mile 30 (which was close in proximity to I-85) that we found a working gas station where we could re-fuel via snacks.

Historic Route 1
Historic Route 1
Confederate Flag in rural VA
Confederate Flag in rural VA

At the gas station,  we encountered 2 proud Confederates (which is based on the size of their confederate flags that flew a top their pickup truck), who were apparently auditioning for a role in the movie “Proud to be a Confederate”, and made sure that anyone in a 1 mile vicinity could hear the music from their car (a confederate tune about the flag!).   Watch Video! Continue reading 72 miles cycled through rural Virginia

Crossing the swollen James River…

Pedestrian Suspension Bridge - awaits our bike travels over the James River
Pedestrian Suspension Bridge – awaits our bike travels over the James River

Day 2: …was one of the highlights of today’s cycling ride – from Richmond to somewhere south of Petersburg, Virginia.  Whatever ‘hit’ was lacking in my wake-up routine, was made up for in the adrenaline that helped to cross the mighty James River in Richmond.  After days and days of rain courtesy of Hurricane Jo’ (aquin), the James River was a swollen beast.

Today’s ride however, would be free of rain.  With temperatures in the 50s, more winds from the north (i.e. tailwind) – a group of 4 ladies (Donna, Bev, Barbara and myself) with the East Coast Greenway (ECG) WAY tour departed on busy rush hour Richmond city roads for more bicycle miles south.   Within 2 miles – we stopped to listen to the roar of the swollen James.   We photo-op’ed the pedestrian bridge that appears to hang precariously (suspension bridge) under one of the interstate highways, and before any of us could have second thoughts – it was time to cross the mighty James.

I was in the lead, and taking a huge leap of faith.  With the crosswinds from above and the roaring sounds from the rapids below – I took a

Our ECG Trail had turned into rapids
Our ECG Trail had turned into rapids

quick visual of the construction of the pedestrian bridge.  I decided this was no time to fall off of my bike, turn back or ‘think’ more than I should, so I opted for 3 minutes of pure tunnel vision.  One thought.  One goal.  Get to the other side of the bridge. (Watch video crossing while bicycling over the James!) Continue reading Crossing the swollen James River…

An amazing – albiet rainy – Fredericksburg to Richmond ride

Preparing to depart Fredericksburg
Preparing to depart Fredericksburg

Day 1: With lots of hope for good weather, our 36 person group of East Coast Greenway cyclists, departed Fredericksburg at 7:30AM in pouring rain.   Today’s destination was Richmond VA – 70 planned miles.  Note the word ‘planned’.

The good news about the weather – is that Hurricane Joaquin brought us a wonderful tail wind.  Winds from the north east took the edge off of the rain.  Riding through Fredericksburg you couldn’t help but to notice the ferocity of the Rappahannock river – being dumped with water for the prior 4 days.  We didn’t notice any flooding of the roadways, and eventually made our way to higher grounds through numerous civil war sites, and many other attractions that begged for photo opportunities. Continue reading An amazing – albiet rainy – Fredericksburg to Richmond ride