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Cat Maudy to Reedville for the winter

Cat Maudy sails (or tries) south for her winter ‘home’. Home this year will be Reedville VA. It’s a dot on the map just south of the mouth of the Potomac. She’ll be getting some work done – on the hard. Departed from Baltimore on a beautiful fall day – temps in the upper 50’s. The weather window would be 3 straight days of basically ZERO wind…with light breeze from the south. South breezes mean warmer temps, so we are OK to sacrifice the sail (this time only!) for warmer temps! Three hops…day 1 to Annapolis, day 2 to Solomons MD, and day 3 to Reedville VA.

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Cat Maudy sails da’sewer waters of the Bay

A week after Hurricane Lee drowned nearly every community along the Susquehanna River – we decided it was time to explore the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. We discovered…a sewer…debris large enough to puncture recreational boats, submerged huge blue barrels of questionable contents…and the water took on a shade of chocolate brown.

Despite the downsides…Cat Maudy left the Baltimore dock…for sail time…and ended the day in Annapolis.

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Winter on land…

3 months of winter on land in suburbia Maryland wasn’t all that bad.  It could have been worse….like a winter in Canada (brrrrr).   We spent our time on land….

-working working working….computer clients keeping us busy!
-created a Cat Maudy simulator to test out navionics and software

-not exercising enough  (OK…anything less than an 8 hour day of endorphins is cutting it short)
-learning how to cook in a “land kitchen” – where the food cooks at warp speed
-fixing a 55 year old patio that was becoming one with the earth
-wondering if Cat Maudy missed it’s captains…

And finally – it is spring!   The return to Cat Maudy is now within weeks….let the sailing season begin!