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Grand Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry #6

Blog Post:  by Jill

We are 5 weeks in and I am just leaning in to contribute to our Grand Trailfest training journal.

The challenges of the training go beyond the quick steps on hot pavement; out maneuvering the invisible spider webs in the early morning hours; avoiding prickly, clinging bushes as we trail-blaze through uncharted fields; swatting away hungry mosquitoes; timing our training to finish before the sun tops the trees; or regulating fatigued bodies through 3 consecutive days of long-distance training. It is about doing this journey together.  So when the 4 am alarm beckons us to wobble out of bed and wipe the stardust out of our eyes, we are certain our training sista, will be waiting. Continue reading Grand Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry #6