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Logging 50 training miles


You know you’re dedicated to making your bicycle touring dreams happen when you awake at 3:30AM, eat a breakfast of vegetables, egg and avocado by 4AM, drive 40 minutes to meet your bicycle training partner Jill by 5:15AM, and are on the road with your headlamp and other blinking lights by 5:20AM.   Just as the sun is peeking though with enough light so that you don’t accidentally body slam into a pothole.   And 30 minutes later you have found your first hill.   It’s a big one, and you’re not fully sure that your breakfast has digested.  The moment of truth has arrived.

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The Festering Itch

tips-for-recalling-dreamsA dream begins as an itch.  This is not the kind of itch that you scratch.    It doesn’t appear as a spider bite, or dry skin in need of lotion.  Rather it is an itch that bubbles inside of you.  Just when you think the itch has disappeared, it comes back.  And it keeps coming back.

Most of the time, you ignore it.  There are no thoughts that even consider acting out on that itch.   Years go by, and your only thought is how to get rid of the itch.  To make it go away once and for all.

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