Whole30: Days 27-30

We’ve reached the finish line of 30 days of eating only whole foods, and I have to say, I am joining camp with those who have found this 30 day experiment to be life-changing.

Ailments I once took for granted — the ones not even on my radar such as allergies, skin rashes, dehydration — have auto-corrected.   Ailments that I never thought was related to food — creaky knees, back pain, insomnia, skin tone, slow recovery after intense exercise — are shockingly restored.   All in 30 days!

After a mid-distance training run (10 miles), I met up with a fellow runner and chatted about running and food — standard-fare post-workout conversation.   Now, I’ve shared this in prior posts, but I continue to be amazed at the relationship between clean foods and happy body.  Normally, after a 10 mile run, I would not be standing in the road, chatting-up-la-la-la with my fellow runners, as lovely as they are.  I would have made a direct-as-the-crow-flies-final-effort back to my home, likely with some help to get ‘down’ to couch level.

But no, after 30 days of Whole eating,  I had some show-n-tell to relay to my running-buds.  “Check this out, ” I said, as I dropped into a low squat, then pop-tarted back up amidst awe and cheers, no knee pain, no strange knee-sounds, and then repeated the drill just because I could. Never. Ever. Ever. Could I bend like that — and especially right after a 10 mile run.

Whole30 has brought out a new world – filled with younger and healthier parts.  What started out with ‘lets drop a few winter pounds’, evolved into a nourishing cleanse with a smorgasbord of bonus points.  I would have never dreamed I’d get bendy-knees.  I would have never dreamed I’d reject the curse of sugar with ease.    I would have never dreamed to lose cravings.   I would have never understood the impact of removing foods from my diet previously thought reasonably healthy:   goodbye rice, legumes, dairy.

We had one final challenge before the 30 days were up.  Attending a graduation party, was our first ‘outing’ and we were a bit concerned on what we could eat.  We had the good fortune of dear friends who ensured the restaurant owner would properly prepare meat &  vegetables in olive oil and nothing else.   But, no one prepared us for the aftermath.  A box opened into a stunning cake, and hubby and I looked at each other with neon headlights flashing ‘just one bite’?  We resisted.  It was hard.  It looked really good.  But logic prevailed — the health benefits we acquired, the commitment we made it was too much of a risk so we passed on the cake.

30 Days later, I can say I am different.  The processed aisles of the grocery store are more horrifying than ever.  I have sympathy for the Pharmacy department — overlooking aisles of processed food, while filling prescriptions for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and on and on.   How unfortunate, in so many ways.  Cures, in many cases found at amongst the produce and meats.  How sad, that the bulk of our conventional grocery stores, our food supply — is just, sugar-crack and chemicals.

30 days on Whole30 is life-changing.  We have no desire to change what we are consuming on Whole30, and if 30 days can produce so many health benefits — why stop now?

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2 thoughts on “Whole30: Days 27-30”

  1. Jane,
    I’ve followed your whole 30 blog pretty much from day one and I can say your sharing your experience carried me through a couple of rough patches on my whole 30 times. Now on day 27 and I feel amazing! Thanks for your support!

    Super jazzed to hear about your next adventure.

    1. Tim — Thank you so much for your kind words, and so wonderful to hear that you have found success (i.e. a happy place!) on your Whole30 journey. It’s just shocking how good you can feel by eating the ‘whole’ foods. I wish you continued success on your health journey — your fountain of youth is waiting!

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