Whole30: Days 22 through 26 and Hello Gumby

I lay in bed, listening to the rain,  re-adjusted the pillow to relax into a 10 minute yoga-fix-your-posture-pose, while browsing the latest headline news on my smartphone.   With shoulders-freshly-aligned, I got up and immediately dropped that slippery phone, watching it hit the floor with a BAM.  There, it mocked me, knowing creaky knees did not appreciate bending.   I bent toward the floor anyway, waiting for joint resistance, and feeling none, continued the descent.  There is always a limit to deep-knee-bends.  Yet, something unusual was happening, as Team-Bend continued the downward descent.  How low could one go?   Feet flat,  balanced, calf and hamstrings in rare embrace, I paused.  Not because I couldn’t get back up — rather marveling, that 2 decades have passed since our last visit from the flexibility-gods.

Hello, Gumby.

In addition to discovering I am equipped with bendable parts, we’ve reached that 3rd-plus week of Whole30 — whole foods only nutrient consumption.  This is the point where we had to scan the recipe book to add more variety of flavors, and our favorite is a tomato-based, coconut cream mixed with curry drizzled over zucchini & summer-squash noodles, a medley of yellow heirloom tomatoes and chunks of organic chicken.  It was a fantastic medley of colors, and what fun consuming a pile of delicious vegetables, fats and proteins!

I have noticed that I am less interested in fruit – and eating more vegetables instead.   During a mid-day meal –avocado, nuts, spinach, and a spread of tomatoes-peppers, some cooked, some raw — I saved my half grapefruit for the end.  Grapefruit continues to taste overly sweet – and eating the treat after the meal led to an unexpected sugar crash.   Who knew, one could crash on half a grapefruit?  So, while fruit is piling up in the refrigerator, and the vegetables get consumed at record pace — I’ll make sure to nibble on fruit with — not after — my meals.

I made a slight tweak to my pre-workout, during and post-workout nutrition.  Pre-workout is an hour before my run, and includes proteins and fats only.  Think almond butter.   During the workout, I blend almond butter with a starchy vegetable (pumpkin) and cinnamon.   Post workout occurs the moment I am D.U.N. with exercising, and I’ll inhale a mini-meal — such as an omelet with veggies and a side of potatoes garnished with avocado.   Oh, yum, and just the thought of that meal waiting for me helps achieve surprisingly faster finishing splits.

We have days to go to reach the Whole30 finish line.  With all of the health benefits we have discovered,  it’s hard to imagine eating anything else.

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